TaKeTiNa Centre Sydney – 6 sessions

For the first time, local TaKeTiNa teachers come together to present the Sydney TaKeTiNa Centre Rhythm Meditation Sessions over 6 Monday nights in Erskinville!
The 6 weeks will be jointly facilitated by Sydney TaKeTiNa teachers – Jemma Tabet, Suze Pratten, Is Guillemin and Paula Novotna with a special launch by Melbourne-based Master TaKeTiNa teacher Tania Bosak on March 11th.

WELCOME to this 6-week immersion into rhythm, music and meditation. In this 6 week cycle of TaKeTiNa sessions, you’re invited to experience this unique rhythm, body, voice and meditation practice, normally done as part of a larger 3-day immersion.

NO music or meditation experience is necessary. All you need is your body, your voice and some playful curiosity!

TaKeTiNa is a unique, holistic, playful and transformational way of experiencing and understanding rhythm, leading participants into a deeply relaxed and meditative state.

Using the body as the instrument, participants are guided at three simultaneous rhythmic levels, through stepping, clapping and the voice.

The rhythmic process becomes a mirror for our personal process and allows us to access states of relaxation, inner presence and awareness; choose our desired learning pace; and explore the space between tension and relaxation, stillness and movement, inner and outer worlds.