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A workshop in embodied rhythm. Explore a cross rhythm that is found in many cultures – gradually building rhythmic layers through voice, stepping and clapping.This process develops a deep sense of rhythm, no previous musical experience is required – participants are guided to go at their own pace, to fall in and out of rhythm, with no pressure to get it right. For those new to TaKeTiNa, this is an experiential introduction to this cutting edge approach to rhythm education, as developed over the last 40 years, by renowned percussionist and researcher, Reinhard Flatishler.

Ria completed her training with the founder of the work Reinhardt Flatischler and Australian master teacher – Tania Bosak. She also draws on many years of immersion in Javanese and Balinese traditional music and has performed her own music around Australia and Asia. Her unique approach is imbued with a sophisticated understanding of the interconnection of intention, imagination, breath and movement through her work as an Alexander Technique teacher.