TaKeTiNa rhythm meditation workshop

Excited to be partnering with Happy Buddha Retreats in the Blue Mountains for an afternoon of TaKeTiNa rhythm meditation.

What does it mean to be in flow or in the zone? And how can we access this optimal state with maximum relaxation and minimal tension or stress?

WELCOME to an afternoon of immersion into rhythm, music and meditation. In this afternoon taster of TaKeTiNa, you’re invited to experience this unique rhythm, body, voice and meditation practice, normally done as part of a larger 3 day immersion.

NO music or meditation experience is necessary. Just bring along your voice and curiosity!

TaKeTiNa is a unique, holistic, playful and transformational way of experiencing and understanding rhythm, leading participants into a deeply relaxed and meditative state.

Using the body as the instrument, participants are guided at three simultaneous rhythmic levels, through stepping, clapping and the voice.

The rhythmic process becomes a mirror for our personal process and allows us to access states of relaxation, inner presence and awareness; choose our desired learning pace; and explore the space between tension and relaxation, stillness and movement, inner and outer worlds.

In the realm of music and in daily life TaKeTiNa can help you to:
✨Access deep states of relaxation, spaciousness and stillness
✨Develop multi-layered perception
✨Experience profound states of inner presence
✨Connect to yourself and those around
✨Quieten the nervous system
✨Bring awareness and curiosity to habitual response patterns
✨Put aside any anxiety about ‘getting it right’
✨Explore chaos patterns, in rhythm and in everyday life, and our responses to such challenges
✨Find your personal learning pace and engage at your desired level of simplicity or complexity
✨Stay in flow

Faciltated by Jemma Tabet, Bachelor of Music and Graduate Diploma of Primary Education.

TaKeTiNa marries all of Jemma’s interests together, providing the perfect platform for her to explore and share her passion for how we can access our true, authentic states of being and joy through finding flow, expansiveness, connection, presence, relaxation and self-understanding through the primal nature of rhythm.

Ticket $30 | Secure your place for this special event 💫

Rhythm, Music and Meditation Workshop