Taketina Australia

Anne Maree Wilshire


Anne Maree Whilshire

Location: Sydney
Website: www.annemareewilshire.com ||  www.sydneysinginglessons.com.au
Mobile: 0413 788 009

Anne Maree is a multi-disciplinary facilitator, teacher and performer, who is passionate about supporting people finding their own authenticity and confidence.

As a teacher, Anne Maree incorporates techniques from her diverse trainings in music/performance and advanced adult learning techniques. These skills are complimented by insights gained from her personal journey into meditation, yoga and interest in the spiritual philosophies and musical practices from both Eastern and Western traditions.


As a musician and singer/songwriter she has toured Australia in bands, Mo Award-winning shows, from jazz clubs and festivals, to concerts performing her original songs.

As well as leading TaKeTiNa groups in Sydney, she is director of the VibrantVoices Studio where she teachers Singing, Performance and Songwriting.

Anne Maree’s corporate change work includes programmes in Leadership, Influence, Collaboration, Conflict Resolution & Presentation Skills.