Taketina Australia

Be Ward


Be Ward

Location: Alice Springs
Website: www.beward.wix.com/taketina
Mobile: 0478 608 641
Email: be_ward77@hotmail.com

Passionate about people’s capacity for growth and learning and about music as a tool for healing and transformation; Be has been studying and performing drumming & singing traditions for the last 30 years, from Mozambique to Cuba, Japan, and Brazil. Having worked as a professional musician from 1992 to 2007, and lived and worked with Luritja people of the indigenous community of Papunya in the western desert from 2009 to 2013; Be undertook the first Australian TaKeTiNa Basic Training in 2012 and Advanced Training in 2016.

Having recently returned from working internationally with TaKeTiNa in London, Buenos Aires, and Brazil, he now lives in Alice Springs where he facilitates TaKeTiNa regularly.  Be is currently engaged in Senior TaKeTiNa Training in Vienna, and is also continues to be actively involved in growing the TaKeTiNa field in Argentina.