Taketina Australia

Michael Kokinos


Michael Kokinos

Location: Melbourne
Website: www.blueskytherapies.com.au
Mobile: 0418 532 166

Michael is passionate about music and healing. He combines experience as a studio musician with deep knowledge of the role of rhythmic intelligence in somatic health. Michael’s regular TaKeTiNa “Rhythm for Vitality” workshops at the Abbostsford Convent in Melbourne have been popular in 2014/5. .

His background as a physiotherapist includes over 20 years developing methods for awareness, perception and movement of the body : The TaKeTiNa process is unique as an opportunity for deep embodiment and a space to explore the connection between consciousness and soma.


Michael also has a strong connection to Arnhem Land people with 12 years working with NT Indigenous community organisations. He works closely with Steiner schools specialising in rhythm and movement for education and wellbeing. He is the founder of NT clinic Blue Sky Therapies, holds a masters degree in health management and works all over Australia and internationally.