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Tania Bosak

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Tania Bosak

Location: Melbourne / Belgium
Website: www.taniabosak.com || www.pulserhythm.com.au
Mobile: 0418 316 286

Tania has worked for more than 32 years as an actor, musician, producer, composer and highly regarded teacher across the arts and music education, and she recently certified as a Master TaKeTiNa teacher after more than 20 years of training, teaching and working with the TaKeTiNa Process. Tania is currently undertaking research in the clinical applications of TaKeTiNa and continues to work actively with the TaKeTiNa Institute and founder Reinhard Flatischler. This has included Teacher trainings, public workshops, drum and percussion trainings between Australia and Europe as well as future planning for the wider TaKeTiNa field. In 2004 Tania founded Pulse Rhythm, an organisation dedicated to presenting events, trainings, performances and collaborations involving rhythm, voice, personal evolution and meditation practices.

As a musician Tania works with her original ensembles The Barefoot Orchestra, Rektango, and The Beijao, and has worked with Greg Sheehan, Bonnie Smith, Penny Baron, David Jones, STOMP group (UK). She has trained in Korean percussion with Jin Lu Rim  Kim Dong Won and at the SamulNori School after receiving a Churchill Fellowship in 2004. She holds a BA in Performing Arts, Contemporary Dance, and Education, and completed further training in music, acting and movement at the John Bolton Theatre School in 1993. As a certified solution-focused counsellor and hypnotherapist, Tania continues to work closely with her teachers and mentors Stephen Gilligan and Rob McNeilly at The Milton H Erickson Institute of Tasmania in association with CET [The Centre of Effective Therapy].