Taketina Australia

Teacher Training 2019

ANNOUNCING the 3rd TaKeTiNa Teacher Training – SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 
with founder Reinhard Flatischler & Master teacher Tania Bosak 

Selection workshops are taking place throughout 2019 with the final intake for this training November 2019.

Contact info@bosak.com.au for more details.

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We are excited to offer the 3rd Australian TaKeTiNa Teacher Training jointly by founder Master teacher Reinhard Flatischler & Master teacher Tania Bosak. To further the potential of TaKeTiNa to revolutionize music education and personal evolution for future generations, founder, Reinhard Flatischler is training new TaKeTiNa rhythm teachers in South America, Germany, and Australia.

A New Generation of Leaders in Rhythm, Music, and Meditation

The 3rd Australian TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process Teacher Training commences in 2019 and applications are now open with the opportunity to join the training in Set 2.

The format of the training is offered as six x 2-week intensive sets over 2.5 years, where participants gather and learn to integrate musical, educational and therapeutic skills and knowledge. Certified TaKeTiNa teachers can use those skills both as TaKeTiNa teachers and in their related fields.

There are intensive preparation programs scheduled during July and October for those registering from Set 2. This set is the last intake for this training cycle.

  1. 1st Set February 26th – March 10th 2019 (completed)
  2. 2nd Set November 5th – November 17th 2019 (Final intake for this training)
  3. 3rd Set March 24th March – 5th April 2020
  4. 4th Set October 6th – October 18th 2020
  5. 5th Set Spring 9th to 21st March 2021
  6. 6th September 14th – 26th 2021

The training will be conducted at Govinda Valley Retreat Centre
Location – Govinda Valley Retreat, 1 hour from Sydney www.govindavalley.com.au

For the detailed training brochure and application procedure contact info@bosak.com.au

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